Trail & Carriage Rides

Pinetop Lakes Activity Center & Stables
Pinetop Lakes Activity Center & Stables

Safe Trail & Carriage Rides

Are you looking for some fun with riding?

  • We offer a wide range of trail and carriage rides for you to enjoy.
  • We have trails, carriage rides, and mini carriage rides seven days a week, and if conditions permit, all year long.
  • We are here to make your time with loved ones memorable.

Rental Services

At Pinetop Lakes Activity Center & Stables, we also provide rental options for our carriages. If you want a carriage for special events such as a wedding, anniversary or prom, our team will suggest you some good and affordable options. Our mini carriages are also available for the elderly.

Pinetop Lakes Activity Center & Stables

Guides for A Safe Ride

Our experts are skilled and experienced at making your rides perfectly safe. We make sure each horse is matched to the rider’s ability. Before you go for a trail ride, our guide provides basic instruction to help you get comfortable. Based on your need, our guides walk with you to ensure safety.

If you want to enjoy trail rides, please call us at (928) 369-1000 or email to for reservations.